Monday, May 22, 2006


the night was awake,
morning was the wonderland,
had nothing,
but some laughs..

sprinkled silver and envy's Colour,
drained into my blood,
and my eyes were all red,
and so i laughed and laughed..

evening came,
still self infused.
with friend at a friend's,
ectasy welcomed me..

one more dose,
sprinkled silver and envy's Colour,
draining into my blood,
making my eyes go red again..

people came over,
not one turned.
all were silent,
but one stroked me down..

i had my dose again,
sprinkled silver and envy's Colour,
drain into my blood,
but the eyes are lifeless..

the song yelled in me,
but i saw a dream.
my hands swam across the hair,
and those eyes starved me..

back home,
still untouched.
wouldn't let it down,
till i let myself flow through it..

give me more,
sprinkled silver and envy's Colour,
let it drain into my blood,
and let my eyes laugh...........................

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

flower that reeked

my! oh my,
dn't get me so high,
for they wn't fly.
and the tears that i cry,
will run dry..
my! oh my..............

love ain't so far,
but these hands are small.
talking dsn't help,
and the solutions melt..

the moon is above my head,
but i can feel the sweat.
the sun is scorching,
and the heart freeze up..

drinks are stalked,
books in hand,
eyeing the collection,
all ears to music..

everything is amplifying,
bit by bit..
little by little..

reeked perfume,
stained flower.
people with salt in hand,
will sprinkle at any open wound...

faces are mask,
anger and despair!!
it's everywhere!!!

people talk,
love and despise!!
it's pointless!!!

it's nothing,
yet we r celebrating............

it's fleeting,
to another beginning....

my! oh my,
dn't get me so high,
for they wn't fly.
and the tears that i cry,
will just run dry....
my! oh my...

MY! OH MY..............

Thursday, May 04, 2006


i know it's been long.....but it's always btr off to be left unsaid,rather than get my grey matter stuck out in fleeting manner and ask for an apology,cos i'm in no mood to be in a position to give any sort of unkind clarifications to my trait.....

today i saw this film with the same title,for the first time,and for no rhyme n reason,n definately no connection at all to this post,i chose this one....

good film.....

it's the 2nd week,since i left delhi,n have been livin with my mother here,at my hometown in jammu....

nothin much has been happenin around except frm the non-domestic fronts...i mean the news frm anywhere but my surroundings....

a lot has been happenin around the globe,specifically in india...taliban kills an indian,mahajan dies...russia is still in the era of racisim while doda (jammu) and Vadodara leave no stone unturned to add their name in the list of massacre....


oh..yes,i forgot....i stated working with the Doordarshan here,to get my certificate especially for the term tht my college foes..(sry,havn't graduated yet...gotta play the role of a democrat)...for the college get the certificate only for the time period that they infused us with, else Timur would recreate history and beahead us while we wait for a miracle....

oh,i have another thing to share....a little amusing though,but sometimes it makes it uncomfortable thinkin of the thought tht might arise within us..

call it an alter ego's curosities...

whenever i make tea for my mother in the evening, when she comes back from work to the house which is rested on the ground floor,i am confronted by this noise of unquenching desire accompanied with other sound of objects that gets disturbed in the course of this action that takes place above the roof of my house....(well,we live in an appartment)

what an evening.....n so shall tea be made to raise in the honour of those living above my head who care to provide some noisy entertainment enjoyed by me n the alter ego, that everyone surely has,by making us laugh......

wudn't u do the same tht i did?

surley u will,by making some excuse not lettin ur moma enter the kitchen n make tea.....


let's end this post with a line from film "only when i laugh"..

Let me sleep on the sofa. I love sleeping on the sofa. Beds are too big when you're alone