Monday, March 19, 2007

no cats incest,but definately poetic!!!

hey guys, i know it's been really really really long since i have updated my blog, n guess wat?? i still can't promise if i can stick around like before,even after writting this

anyhow,i wrote this poem in a peculliar situation when i was sitting and waiting in the studio at panchsheel park, for the person to do his voice over for our show (at present,i'm working with a tv company), and there were these two cats f**king each other(sorry,i dn't want to sound rude with this natural act..just tht i can't find the apt word for it), and the owner of the studio comes over to say hello to me and catches me red handedly gazing at them (not tht i was curious,but bcos it was so was happening infront of me, n i had no option to go someplace was sort of embarassin,until the owner cracked a lil joke)..n the joke helped me write some lines,which i'll be sharing with you all...


The cats were brother and sister...but surprisingly and fortunately, there’s nothing as "incest" problem to deal, with amongst the animals. Imagine if the analysis was diverted….wud the film, “Oldboy”, be called as “Old CAT”?……hmmmm!!!!

Anyhow, let’s not dive into the inversely proportion to sane thoughts…enjoy my first take on, sort of, humorous and a short poem, with the cats doing strange acts of intimacy for us…or for our sake of entertainment, inspite of being outlandish and pretty odd…

Cats cuddling,
thoughts puddling,
while we sit and gaze…………
And the sofa suffices,

the remaining SURPRISES!!!!