Monday, March 30, 2009

i hate him

i hate him....i hate him and i hate and i hate him....his phone doesn't ring. i see no reply to my mails and to my comments...he has never been like this. i am not asking him to do me any favor or try 'dancing' for me.(though, it would be great if he does one for about a pole dance"

i just came to know a lot of people going crazy over him...maybe, it's a good time that i should stop it and take a leap from it. i have better things to do than follow the fools....initially, it’s like you are breathing into an empty plastic glass and your voice is sealed…no air, no words…just an empty glass to your mouth. To others, it’s fun...but to me, it was more like introspecting and contemplating. finally, when the chewing over is done and a call from another cheered me up...i'm back but i still feel sleepy...

what have i written? i have no clue....this is exact situation that i am into....completely clueless...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Cat and Maus Tale

David Hume, a Scottish philosopher, once said “the science of man is the only solid foundation for the other sciences.” Here, Hume isn’t referring to the subject that we study in school when he mentions the word- “science”. What he means by it is the empirical method based on “experience and observation”. Art Spiegelman’s Maus is a depiction of the same. The use of Hume’s philosophy is reflected in the book where Art Spiegelman- author and the cartoonist of the book interviews his dad Vladek Spiegelman, a Polish Jew, who is a survivor of the Holocaust.

The father and the son share a troubled relationship. The son finds it hard to cope with a relationship that is grief-stricken, even though he shows a certain amount of interest in his father’s stories of survival during the Nazi occupation. The book has a satirical feel about it since the characters are all presented as various types of anthropomorphic animals, according to nationality or race; for instance, the Jews are represented as mice for their weakness of character and the Nazis are the cats epitomizing their fascist nature, along with Swedes as reindeer, the French as frogs, the British as fish, Americans as dogs, Poles as pigs and Roma (Gypsies) are represented as gypsy moths.

Art Spiegelman’s writing and art work are superb. He magnificently pulls you in as he narrates his father’s story and the trouble they went through during the Nazi era.

There are few comics that I know of that are highly regarded by the general populace. For example V for Vendetta and 300 (largely due to being the basis for popular films). Maus, Pulitzer Prize winner (1992) is one book that definitely needs to be added to the list.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Killer's Menu

This was then, but as we further slide into the year 2009, there are chances that you will end up as the killer’s favorite dish for their special occasions. That is is exactly what our Delhites enjoy doing bizarre acts such as above (box in the newspaper article) with their fellow-beings.

Behold, my friends, observe and be cautious of your every move before landing up in their melting chocolate and creamy dessert of blood delights. Until and unless, you want to put on a little weight and struggle your way up to the Almighty. Calories that are throbbing with madness and insanity while you were being slapped, stabbed, shot or tortured before being relished by these ‘gracious and generous’ killers of the Capital.