Monday, March 30, 2009

i hate him

i hate him....i hate him and i hate and i hate him....his phone doesn't ring. i see no reply to my mails and to my comments...he has never been like this. i am not asking him to do me any favor or try 'dancing' for me.(though, it would be great if he does one for about a pole dance"

i just came to know a lot of people going crazy over him...maybe, it's a good time that i should stop it and take a leap from it. i have better things to do than follow the fools....initially, it’s like you are breathing into an empty plastic glass and your voice is sealed…no air, no words…just an empty glass to your mouth. To others, it’s fun...but to me, it was more like introspecting and contemplating. finally, when the chewing over is done and a call from another cheered me up...i'm back but i still feel sleepy...

what have i written? i have no clue....this is exact situation that i am into....completely clueless...


Blogger Golani said...

hey triplesix,
sorry for writing this here on your personal blog, but i have n other way.
I am a IIT bombay passout in civil eng, was working for 7 months in finance firm, but finally gave up to pursue my real interest in film making :P
I read your comments on Anurag Kashyap's blog, and found that you have worked for him before. Can you tell me what kind of work you did and how did you get in contact with him. Also what is your background and all.

I also have many more questions. If you would be willing to help me out, you can contact me at


2:50 AM  

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