Wednesday, November 04, 2009

writing..late night

I can’t write,
Till it’s late night
*Vedder sings out his trouble
*Johnson strings and I crumble

*Before Sunrise, Before Sunset
Deadline ticking on to me
I can clearly hear her warn,
*“Darling, you are going to miss that flight!”

I have a horrifying tale to trail
It’s horrible, but I fear
I still can’t write
Just waiting, till it’s late night

It was 11:30 am,
*As Good As It Gets,
*Melvin and the Ugly Dog
Cheer me up, and make me slog

Months ago, since I unpacked,
I have been almost in tears
*I can’t find melodious Bobby Long
*And practice dance to Miss Spears

But what’s worse…
I stare out and grab my verse;
I am unable to write
And, I know,
it’ll soon be late night

*Bail me out Bale
Hear me out, uncalled hail
Hemmingway and Miss Alice and the *sonatas
cry out,
“You’ve got to write, My Mate
Before it’s god damned late.”

Minutes pass, patience fade
*Moody Mooday plays
*And R’stein will embrace

Bloody hell, I still can’t write
What’ll happen,
When it’s shit late night??


*Vedder [pearl jam..Eddie favorite songwriter]
*Johnson [jack johnson]
*Before Sunrise, Before Sunset[2 movies of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy]
*Julie Delpy's character [quote at the end of the above mentioned film]
*As Good As It Gets [movie]
*Melvin and the Ugly Dog [characters from the above mentioned film. melvin played by Jack Nicholson and the ugly dog is the pug in the film]
*Bobby Long [soundtrack of Love Song for Bobby Long]
*Miss Spears [Britney Spears]
*Bale[Christian Bale..i love this actor. my fav]
*sonatas [i was listening to Vivaldi when i wrote this one]
*Moody Mooday [song by Damien's a pretty sexy song]
*R'stein[ favorite band]


Blogger EnJuNz said...

nicely composed. :)

6:07 PM  
Blogger TripleSix said...

thank you

2:12 PM  
Blogger [Amod] said...

I can’t write,.
Till it’s late night

Same problem!

Rammstein truly rocks,
and scares neighbour's dogs.

11:19 AM  
Blogger anj said...


"scares neighbour's dogs" - lol

8:26 PM  

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