Monday, May 04, 2009

as weird as this story can be...The Battle of the Bloodiest

The Battle of the Bloodiest

This is a story of two powerful blood-sucking beings. There are here to campaign for their political parties and are yearning for a bright future in the land of blood. This bloodbath is in tribute to the heroes who have not only sacrificed themselves, but also donated (posthumous) blood to the hemophiliac and the dogs.

Here’s introducing the contenders of that powerful generation:-

Vampire,"Kutte kaminey, main tera khoon pee jayonga"

Dharam,"Aye, Maa ka khoon pee ha, toh saamne aa"

28 Days Later….The blood battle went on. The survivors protested and carried slogans like “Humare khooney puri karon.” But, there was no stopping to the battle between the Vampire and Dharam. They continued contesting for the elections.

28 Weeks Later…The Vampire won the election by 1200 ml of blood, whereas Dharam lost by .5ml. Dharam went back to chasing dogs, while the Vampire created a new strategy in their politics[poli = many + tics = blood suckers]. Their strategy proved to be healthy and fit for the junta. In a recent press interview, the leader of the ruling party was found quoting the following,

Vampire, "Why should mosquitoes have all the fun?"