Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the ambit of inhumanity

i dn't want to go in details as to what the poem signify...i think it can easily be understood....in short,if i have to say something...it's the reprucussion to what the man is facing after he himself has opened the "pandora box" for his greed...n now see what the world has turned into because of him.....here "world" is india after all the riots and crime under the name of religion and the govt's role in it...and other ill deeds,not neccessarily related to riots...

this country wants to maintain
it's Holy...

don't buy me that,
i'm in debts.
i take the rest,
and pay it with gradual death.

whom do we succumb to
for our misfortunes,
wasn't there anyone else to lavish us
with pretentious attention?

life around us swallowed;
and a book of melancholy preambles
by the school of dancing devils
go on fluttering in a man's disguise.

authorities in cavity
boorish and lot of muck.
no escape, no surrender
just fight with dishonesty.

the country still maintains
it's Holy!!!!!!!