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Priyanka ki ma* bah** ki 2008 ne

Priyanka Chopra’s Flopped Story 2008

Nikhil Advani's ensemble piece, Salaam-e-Ishq: was Priyanka Chopra's first release in the previous year. That filmed bombed. Her next release, Big Brother was also a disaster. And this year, I felt like giving her a tight slap on her face for all her releases including for Fashion and Dostana. She is an utter disaster and it’s best for her to go back to where she came from. Madam of the ‘World’, you don’t deserve to be an actress even though you had all the opportunities to save your stand in the Hindi Film Industry. Your talent is so full of shit that it has become unbearable for us to breathe in the cinema halls and in front of our television.

Love Story 2050
- Well the movie is a bad copy of a lot of English movies. Major portion has been ripped off The Time machine. Frankly, its one of the worst movies I have seen this year. She overacts as if she is a soft, chui-mui, princess with ridiculous hair-do (red), fashion faux pas and weird verbose. She's already tasted success with Krrish (in the sci-fi genre) and thinks she's made for this. Well, to tell you the truth Miss Chopra – it’s terrible...

God Tussi Great Ho!
– OMFG….That’s it…That’s all I have to say about this crap. This film is a complete copy of Bruce Almighty and is very very bad. Priyanka hope God saves you in the coming year 2009.

– This movie had Priyanka Chopra doing absolutely nothing much other than being Bobby Deol's love interest and play a goody-goody teacher. Wow! What a role? Mind Blowing!

- Drona is easily one of the worst movies in Indian history. She acts like a zombie in the film. Of course, there’s one thing that I can appreciate about the film, Priyanka can start a fitness regime and give some tips to our super-dumb hefty hero – Abhishek Bachan. He seriously needs one.

– From rags to riches; also going through a marital affair, sex, drugs, booze, bitching and being awfully racist after sleeping with a black guy. All this has certainly helped Miss Chopra gain an instant success with not so Khicddi waala film by Madhur Bhandakar. Too bad, her beau, Harman Baweja, will have to apply the same tactics for the sequel as well. Fashion, to me, it was another rubbish- twisted film. Not worth watching for even once. Uff, Spare me the horror, girl.

– This is a story of two guys (one is underdressed and the other is overdressed), a dim-witted woman and a pretentious gay story. Priyanka does another terrible improvisation in the film again – by adding her ‘Oomph’ quotient.

Priyanka Chopra looked really bad in the film. Even, if she was wearing that so-called bikini while walking on the beach. This Nature’s Mistake was certainly a torture for the viewers. She looked cheaper than the cheapest slut and uglier than the ugliest tramp in that Desi Girl song with her shimmering sari tucked between her boobies.

After all this, I bet Priyanka Chopra can’t wait to get out of 2008. I think what’s best for would be to take an exit from the Bollywood and never return, thus sparing us from watching you do all those mindless acts I’ll surely be the first one to give you a hearty farewell treat. It’ll be a much awaited honor for me to do that for someone special like you.


Blogger Pratik said...

Amen to that! Ban her from Bollywood or an acting medium of any sort. I didn't watch any of her 2008 movies except for Fashion, that too because of Madhur Bhandarkar. Quite a disappointment. Media kuchh zyaada hi bhaav deti hai usko. What's up with that??

7:32 AM  
Blogger TripleSix said...


i totally agree with u Pratik...she should be banished..

2:54 AM  
Blogger subhasree said...

and have you noticed how priyanka's accent is getting more and more "anglicised" wherein i dont understand anything she says...its made worse by her tendency to talk through clenched teeth....thats her version of being camera friendly....and her nose job has made her more doodle headed than earlier.

1:28 AM  
Blogger anj said...

quite true...i pity that woman...she has no luck left...soon she'll be out of the industry and no one will remember her..

5:54 AM  
Blogger TripleSix said...

quite true...i pity that woman...she has no luck left...soon she'll be out of the industry and no one will remember her..

5:56 AM  

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