Friday, November 18, 2005

my trip to goa!!!!

hey bloggers..
well,as u all have forgotten by now...but there was this promise tht i made to u all....and i havn't fulfilled tht till mean of me....
well,remeber i had to write bout my trip to goa...ahhhh!!!now u remember tht promise tht was made by me..sry i kept u all waitin...
but guess wat,i'm gonna post bout my tripto goa now...
i know it's been decades since all of us have been there...and mirage and milo have got u all updated....
i'm really really sry to keep u waitin.....but here it update on my trip..

(finally it's

Well,I need not to explain where all we went,and what we did,cos my dear frnds,mirage and milo,have done tht work for me…hahahaha
Anyhow,tht was a general view of what we all did in the trip,but here as I finally update my blog with a new post,as per the request,the Goa’s trip,so I thought of not givin u the same kinda update tht my folks have done for u.i’m sure by now u all have got where all we went and how much fun we had…
So,I thought of givin my nitions on what I felt bout Goa,and the kinda exploration we did,regardin my discovery on the place tht I went for the first time.
The trip was good,though not the way as i had expected it to be.thought of the trip to be better,cos it was the opposite to what all I had thought bout goin around in Goa.all thnks to the supervisors and the
nevertheless,the best thing tht i liked bout Goa was the people.they were so sweet and hospitable.
out of the 4 days trip,there was this day when all of us had gone to panjim to do some shoppin.i was accompanied by 2more frnds of mine,Hand Prena.the ironical part is tht none of us are impulsive shoppers,so we didn't feel like goin around the markets just to shop after we bought some Goan wine and wodka, we waitied for the rest of our folks near the bus.
soon we got bugged waitin, so we thought of gettin into someone's place to interact inorder to kill our boredom.
we got into this house lying tht we wanted water to drink,thnks to miss Hazel for doin so. She was an old lady who called us in and besides givin us water,she gave us something to eat too, and then we conversed bout various things like bout our trip,Goa’s beaches, the disadvantages of havin tourists in Goa, for Goa is getting really dirty.
[this is a request to u all,frm my side on the behalf of the lovely ppl frm Goa, who havn’t said anything to u till now, in particular the tourists…enjoy as much as u want,but plez dn’t mess up the place with ur enjoyment. Goa is really pretty ,especially its beaches,but u know wat,they r equally dirty, it has even become hard to see their beauty..I had to analyze its beauty, by chucking the mess out of it..but alas,thts only my imagination…]
The house tht we went into, was owned by this old catholic couple who originally had some instincts of tht of tht of a Portuguesse. They offered us some Goan sweets and wine .
We had a great time talkin to this couple.
What amazed us the most was the way they had maintained their house with antiques and catholic paintings around wich wud remind u of the houses built durin the olden times.
Though it was time for us to leave,we were partly sloshed,but we still managed to get photographs clicked with the couple.
We went to a lot of beaches and visited most of the temples and churches of Goa, but wat i liked the most of it was Anjuna Beach.

Rocks that are formed geomatrically, with coconut trees around. The water that was so blue and the sky tht was clear, and with the settin of the sun, wud only make u fall in love with it.
there was this line of rocks separatin the main beach and a small piece of land(say bout 30ft).we went to that little beach, as i wud call it, and saw smthin more beautiful then wat i had seen.Hazel, Prena and i were spell bounded by its beauty, we stayed there around 2 hrs with nobody around,except the water touchin our feet.we felt really nice,especially when the sun started to set and when its rays were reflected on the rocks tht surrounded us,which were in deep almond red colour.
whn it was time to go,we were hesitant,but we had i'm glad we got a chance to see smthin tht was extraordinary. luckily we had our camera to capture all tht we wanted to,but honestly speakin,wat our eyes saw the camera cudn't capture them.
i saw this,i saw goa.i met those people,i got connected with them.this is wat i wanted to do and this how i wud loved to do if i come again to goa..The land of extraordinary like Anjuna (in beauty) and in mannerisms (the old couple).
i dn't how well have i put forward my thoughts to u in regard to wat i saw of goa and wat i liked of it.but this wat i can all say bout Goa.i only wish to come here again and see Goa from my point of view.i hope to do tht soon.

have fun....


Blogger Mirage said...

Er, youre late!!!!

3:37 AM  
Blogger desperado said...

well u r late but nice one...u really did tell wht the other two left out.

4:48 AM  
Blogger Naresh said...

so at last it is here... me raring 2 go goa sometime! plng 2 go thr wid frnz early nxt year!

7:42 AM  
Blogger Rohit Talwar said...

sounds a lot of fun!!

i wanna go there too :(

11:13 AM  
Blogger anuj said...

u r mesmerised by goa ... me too wanna go there once. Abt goans .. once 4 of them came to our tech fest .. played our game .. they were really cool, friendly & knowledgeable .

omg u had WINE :O .... and u didnt dozed off .. newyaz how did it taste ??

me too a nature lover .. but jst dont get to go out :( . nice yaar .. u had a great time .... hope to go there one day ... and he he he try out my hands on camera as well ;)

2:04 PM  
Blogger TripleSix said...

so wat...btr than nthin....


u must go...esp to anjuna beach,tht too the other side of it...i think i explained tht in the post..

u havn't been there?

wine...i tried a lot of them,and santa monica is one of my fav amongst the port wine of goa,eventhough i spent my cash on this french wine "merlot",for my dad..i'll be seein him tom,after 5yrs...

5:02 AM  
Blogger milo said...

we misd out on those ,, couple, wine, sweets n antique stuff.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Prasoon said...

i need to know more - just one week more and i'd be enjoying the sun on the beaches of goa :)

3:19 AM  

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