Thursday, June 16, 2005

y "working class heroine"?

well,till now u all must have guessed that this name has been inspired from the song, "working class hero", by john lennon.

the time when my frnd was helping me create a blog, i couldn't think of any name,but at that time i was listening to the same song and humming as loud as possible,which kinda irritated my frnd. besides being my favorite,my frnd likes its lyrics immensely and instantly told me to pick up this title as my username,well,only the gender has been changed.

well i really can't say how much i like john lennon,as it is i like jim morrison more,but there's something in his songs that has created a sense of liking in me towards his music, and actually feel all the more depressed after i read the book on him and analysing the plethora of shit he's been through. another thing that disappoints me is the way he was killed by this killer,mark chapman,who's actually a victim of narcissist personality problem or, lets put it in plain words,someone who's schizophonic and is definately lacking sanity...

well if u get a chance to listen to this song,under which my username appears,u will know the life of john lennon in brief...

one line i like from this song, to which, i'm sure, quite true in some cases---"they hate u if u r clever, and they despise the fool"
i endorse this statement,wat bout u?post ur comment?


Blogger Mirage said...

yep! i endorse it 2!!

6:35 AM  

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